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Absolutely in on this - I've been blasting HalcyonicFalconX tracks in the mothership since 2008, soon.........

Great Job!

I lold,

and then things got serious.................so i voted 5.

Great Job!

Lol, i was like lol

Preloader and replay button is all you need, but i found it lulzy overall. First finished flash? youredoingitright.jpeg

Great Job!

MandoAndy responds:

ahh, thank you! :D

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The smoothness............

.........instantly made me think of 2 nes games, Demon Sword, and Ninja Gaiden 2. I am VERY comfortable with the controls, i like the graphics and the music too! If the music is in the audio portal you should link to them.

Great Job!

Dammit dude!

Why'd you make such a fun, addictive game?! I'm not going to get anything done today!

Great Job!

RatherRandomReality responds:

You can achieve plenty of medals and complete many chapters. That would be a lot done. Thanks for playing!

Fun game!

I'm really enjoying this! I like the play control, graphics and music. If the music is in the audio portal, be sure to link to it!

Great Job!

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Great remix, loved playing this game in the arcades when i was growing up. Got this blasting in the mothership right naaaw!

Great Job!

I think it would make a great track in.....

........a side scrolling/top down space shooter. A game that has the intensity of metal slug on its hardest setting nomsayin? I think if you got rid of the fade at the end and cut it so it looped perfectly this song would be tits.

Great Job!

DiroNomer responds:

Thanks man. I'd rather this song be tits than ass. amirite? lol

My favorite part........

......is definitely the stickerbush symphony part. The whole track is fantastic though!

Great Job!

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Don't take it the wrong way but......

.......... i think this would make an awesome rave flyer!

Great Job!

antidote to what???

to the poison you drank docta link! bahahahahaha!

Great job!

maniac086 responds:

Link! Cova' your hearrrrt!

Thank ya! =D

This would be........

a pretty awesome tattoo!

Great Job!

My other car is an x-wing!

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