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Kirby/Pokemon games

2010-12-08 12:30:42 by mthealien

Since i've been hearing remixes/remakes of loads of Kirby/Pokemon songs here in the NG audio portal for a few years now i figured i ought to play some of these games. Which games should i check out?


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2012-06-02 13:56:41

If you're lookin' for a RTS game, go straight to "Pokemon Black Edition" or "Pokemon White Edition", which ever you choose. I must say that if it's your first time playing then it might be a bit frustrating, as it can become quite difficult at times.
If you're headed for a slightly easier yet still satisfyingly challenging sidescroller, then I suggest Kirby's Return to Dreamland.
Note that some Kirby games were experimental and were nothing like the original, i.e. "Kirby's Canvas Curse", "Kirby: Mass Attack", and "Kirby's Epic Yarn" (Epic Yarn is the closest to the real concept). Don't get those until you have played at least one regular Kirby game and like it, and then be willing to broaden your horizon to more concepts. Aside from Return to Dreamland, other "regular" Kirby games that I reccomend are Kirby Superstar, on SNES and DS, and Nightmare in Dreamland, on original NES and GBA.


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